Warehouse Living

Lewisham, London£1.1mResidential

Originally constructed as a depository and warehouse, the building was seriously damaged in WW2 and was reconstructed in the 1950’s. For us the character of this building is in its monumental form, feeling of weight, and detailing. In transforming the building to residential use, we wanted to preserve and enhance these qualities.

Filling the full footprint of the site, we needed to cut away a portion of the building to make a courtyard for light and air. Bricks were recycled to make the new loadbearing façade. We made artificially deep brick returns to the loggias to preserve the image of the weighty brick building. Deep loggias discourage overlooking of neighboring properties.

Internally, the textures of the existing structure are exposed, with sand blasted precast concrete vaults and beams and sawn oak floors to create a raw and ‘found’ character.

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