"Art must give suddenly, all at once the shock of life, the sensation of breathing."  

C. Brâncuși

KLA are an award winning London based architecture and design studio established in 2014 by Luke Kruszelnicki and John Leetch.

Luke studied architecture at the University of Greenwich and Westminster, qualifying in 2006. After working for practices including CZWG, Luke was engaged as a senior design & build coordinator and design manager for a number of large contractors including Mulalley, Hill Partnerships and Allenbuild.

John studied Architectural Technology at Limerick Institute of Technology, followed by Architecture in Dundee and Edinburgh Universities, and Architectural History Theory and Interpretation at London Metropolitan University.

As an architectural practice principally involved with housing in all its guises and scales, we continuously question, and research the ways people dwell and interact with each other in our cities. We create places and spaces for people in London from live-work, co-living, mixed-use, through conversions to new-builds. We are advocates for intelligent design and environmental solutions appropriate to each project.

We want to make buildings that express specific local characteristics by carefully researching the architecture of the area, its local vernacular, materials, craft and detail. Our work then becomes a synthesis of these things and therefore particular to its site. We want our work to have an enduring quality, we want to build robustly, and in every sense, so that our constructions will stand the test of time.


  • Luke Kruszelnicki
  • John Leetch
  • Catherine Lawlor
  • Nuno Leite
  • Deborah Levrier
  • Nina Van Osta
  • Gordon Rose
  • Cecilia Pearson
  • Kornelia Zbieg
  • Past Collaborators
  • Gavin Ramsey
  • Agata Podgajna
  • Alexia Gargiulo
  • Bartosz Pionka
  • Carmela Pascarelli
  • Conor Morris
  • Giani Cinquegrana
  • Ida Zingariello
  • Ivaylo Petrov
  • Juan F. Llorente
  • Katarzyna Kuczyńska
  • Luca Marzocchini
  • Margarita Vervele
  • Mariusz Pasieczny
  • Nathalie Grobety
  • NEON
  • Pauline Cabiro
  • Simona Bukowska
  • Zbigniew Piotrowicz

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