Old Road


    Lewisham, London






The main challenges of this project lay firstly in preserving the character and presence of the existing blind brick warehouse while forming openings to enable residential use, and secondly to convince Lewisham Council that the new openings, would not compromise the development potential of their adjacent yard to the south. We demonstrated this by designing a scheme which considered both sites together.

We formed a courtyard by demolishing the south west corner of the warehouse, loggias were employed to limit overlooking while their depth and scale provide visual interest and preserve the buildings physical character.

Conceptually the rebuilt corner is turned inside out, recycled bricks from the graffitied interior will be mixed into the façade to act as a visual reminder of the walls inversion, and a reminder of the buildings colourful past. We will retain all original features, and new work will be carried out with appropriately robust detailing.