KLA are a London based architectural practice specializing in residential  and mixed use developments. 

We want to make buildings that express specific local characteristics by carefully researching the architecture of the area, its local vernacular, materials, craft and detail. Our work then becomes a synthesis of these things and therefore particular to its site. We believe that form follows culture and we strive to make comfortable and memorable buildings that resonate with their occupiers and place. We want our work to have an enduring quality, we want to build robustly, and in every sense, so that our constructions will stand the test of time. 


Luke Kruszelnicki and John Leetch are the founding and managing partners / directors with responsibility for the overall design output and service content of the practice. Luke and John first met whilst working at CZWG, Luke left in 2007 to work as a design and build coordinator for a large construction firm, before going on to start independent practice in 2010. John commenced independent practice in 2011 and was commissioned to design his first major project, Vittoria Wharf in late 2012. Luke and John teamed up to form Kruszelnicki Leetch Architects In November 2014. 

KLA Team

Luke Kruszelnicki
John Leetch
Catherine Lawlor
Deborah Levrier
Gavin Ramsey
Gordon Rose
Kornelia Zbieg
Nuno Leite

Past Collaborators 

Alexia Gargiulo
Carmela Pascarelli
Giani Cinquegrana
Ida Zingariello
Ivaylo Petrov
Juan F. Llorente
Luca Marzocchini
Margarita Vervele
Nathalie Grobety
Simona Bukowska
Katarzyna Kuczyńska
Zbigniew Piotrowicz
Bartosz Pionka
Mariusz Pasieczny
Conor Morris